2017 at the Organic Compound

2017 at the Organic Compound is going to be a haven for the builder in all of us. As we started this journey of building our sustainable lives we set out to grow an abundant garden. Now, after several years of testing our green thumb and gathering to create some of the tastiest meals and enjoying the company of our fellow homestead enthusiasts we propose another opportunity. The opportunity to build! Last year we purchased a sawmill and began harvesting and milling our own wood. This has led to many projects and a small start toward being better designers that are interacting with life in a regenerative way. We formed a partnership with Regeneration Farms to support the planting of thousands of trees on the farm land adjacent to the Organic Compound. Regeneration Farms is practicing agroforestry, innovative animal grazing and has a very holistic view of what a farm can be like. With these fields right in our backyard we get to watch as a forest grows around us, which some day will provide lumber for future generations. As we build the infrastructure to support a vibrant community of sustainable and regenerative thinkers at the Organic Compound we need your support!

As we move through this path of creation, the music and art will forever inspire us. We are excited to announce that the Roots Recording Retreat will be held here in June. Stay tuned for more information about the Roots Recording Retreat and other artistic endeavors on the land. The Roots Recording Retreat will lead up to the 4th annual Halfway to Harmony. During the Halfway to Harmony we showcase our art, music and sustainable passions in this annual tradition. Another exciting addition to the Organic Compound’s event list is the Gathering of the Guilds, A Midwest Permaculture Gathering. This year GOTG will be hosted at the Organic Compound and will feature loads of permaculture enthusiasts, activities, seed sharing and permaculture presentations. The Gathering is a community created event where permaculture enthusiasts convene to learn from each other.

With that said, the garden dreams are still very alive! We have plenty of planting to do this year for those who are more interested in digging in. Regeneration Farms still has many many thousands of trees and shrubs to be planted this spring and we would love for all of you to witness the beginnings of this beautiful farm journey. The planting for the Organic Compound’s three acre permaculture garden has already begun. We have several varieties of early starts going in the house and will continue starting plants throughout this spring. It’s going to be a bountiful year of planting, harvesting and processing on this abundant land.

As is the weather, so is our calendar, subject to change. The best way to follow our events and updates is to find us on Facebook. To really get involved, reach out and just start bugging us via email or facebook messenger. We have many projects readily available and believe in the capacity to create a better future together. We have a great team this year and the sky is the limit as far as what we can accomplish. The calendar below will give you a guideline for what we will be up to this season. As we accomplish these tasks and our vision evolves we will be certain to share space and our story with all of you.

See you in the garden,

The Organic Compound Collective

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