We offer opportunities to make this world a better place for all, and for generations to come.

Our leaders are but a few paces ahead, allowing all involved to grow together, each empowered in their contribution.

We cultivate curiosity, creativity, and confidence to guide us through our discovery.

The process of evolution guides our transformation.

We’re committed to the humility, patience, and compassion needed to move through the trials and errors of creative experimentation and innovation.



We’re artists of living,

supporting each other as essential pieces of this great work. We dedicate each creation to the realization of peace with each other, ourselves, and the land.



Born within a culture whose conventional practices are unsustainable, we recognize the need to invent and support new ways of living.

We accept our responsibility  to discern which tools to bring forth from our ancestors, which ones to leave behind, and how to create new practices for a regenerative future.


Organic Compound: Farm, Art, Community.

We provide emerging leaders the opportunity to be self-directed learners.

We follow a constructivist approach, which is just a fancy way of saying: students teaching students through shared discovery. In this approach, our facilitators are trained to guide through offering examples and asking good questions, thus facilitating a holistic and integrated discovery of the task at hand.  We do this through:

  • Service-Learning Projects:
    give participants hands-on experience finding creative solutions within real-world contexts.

  • DIY Workshops:
    basic foundations from experienced facilitators

  • Online Inspiration:
    We share our discoveries and inspirations through our media platform.


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