Fundraiser Perks

Our campaign will be launching soon! We can’t wait to share all of the amazing perks with you. We have so many options: music, art, Organic Compound t-shirts (made right here on the land), a full CSA membership for next years season, or even a private concert for you and your friends at the Organic Compound. Not only will we be launching this fundraiser,.but through this process we will be fully activating our potential through it. Just creating the perks has allowed us to step up to our abilities to provide an example of leading a regenerative life. For example, we will be offering an Organic Compound seed collection as one of our perks, and this has pushed us to step up our seed collecting ambitions. This is a great step in the direction of true sustainability. You never know, perhaps the seeds we collect today and give to you in exchange for your contribution to this campaign will be the ancestors of seeds that your great great grandchildren will plant in the wake of our existence. Also, through this process, we have been inspired to develop the articulation of our mission and redesign our website. Even as you read this blog post know this: This campaign has inspired the need to utilize our blog. The perks that we offer are windows into our future. For example, the limited number of CSA memberships we are offering allow us to develop the CSA program for our farm business. That’s what this is all about, initiating ourselves through action. Learning, creating and experiencing the beautiful potential of humanity. We can only hope that our small farm can contribute to the awakening of a farm revolution. A pillar of hope for communities world wide to work more in line with the natural life. A hope that pillows up to the clouds and into a reality where we all live in harmony with each other on this planet earth. That’s the goal right?

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