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Greetings friends and family,

We at the Organic Compound are excited to announce that we will soon be launching our Indiegogo campaign to help our farm build its capacity to inspire more people, grow more food, and become more energy independent. Five years ago the seeds were planted here on this land with the hopes of creating a place where the land could not only be stewarded but regenerated to grow more life, more food, and support more people. Today we find ourselves well on our way to realizing these dreams with acres of GMO, mono-cropped farm land being converted to permaculture food forests, hundreds of community members inspired by our vision, and countless projects completed bringing us into more harmony with the natural systems. The good news is, we are more committed than ever and are gearing up for some major projects. This is where you come in!

We need your help! We have agreed on our priorities moving forward as an organization and came up with three main project goals for next season. One, we will build more infrastructure to accommodate our interns and guests on the land. Our plan is to create an outdoor kitchen, wash room, and screened in tent platforms, so that we can easily house and feed those who are helping us to grow our vision. Second, we are building a root cellar which will utilize ancient technology in order to store more of the crops we grow each year as well as reduce our dependence on electric refrigeration. Last, but certainly not least, we are building a grid-tied solar array that will meet 80% of our current electrical needs. As we raise our awareness of energy usage we hope to reduce our need to the point of producing an excess of sun-fueled energy with our solar array.

These are just a few of the next steps we are already taking to make our dreams a reality. Of course we will continue to be plant, grow, and create the gardens, the artwork, the music, and the inspiration that is fueling this regenerative vision. We hope to see you down on the farm soon! Thank you for your support!


The Organic Compound



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